Adding Up Dinos-Common Core Differentiated Write the Room Fun
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Here is a fun, differentiated Common Core addition math center activity that is tiered by readiness for your students and appeals to your kinesthetic learners that need to move.
Common Core: K.OA.5 – Fluently add and subtract to 5.

Teacher Instructions: There are three tiers to this activity. Each tier has 2 sets of cards so that you can swap out cards as you need to extend learning, make this activity last longer and change things up. Tier I addresses the needs of your students who are just beginning to add (1-5), tier II addresses students who have progressed and need a bit more of a challenge to (1-10) and tier III is for those students who are working well beyond the standards for addition in kindergarten but who still need to be challenged and engaged. You will print off the all materials, laminate and cut out only the addition cards. Place one set of each tier’s cards throughout the room for students to discover during their write the room activity. You can change out your sets of tiered cards to extend learning and the longevity of this activity.

Student Instructions: Students will use the ‘write the room’ sheet to record addition cards and copy the addition sentence they find with corresponding characters’ letters found on their sheet in matching border colors. They will then use the number line (or other manipulatives provided by the teacher, erasers, beads, snap cubes, etc.) to complete the problem and record the answer.



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