Color by Code – Sight Words – Editable – December Themed


Editable Color by Sight Word Fun is here and it’s differentiated.
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All students love a good ‘color by code’ page and teachers love this one because you get to choose the words to include as part of the code.
This set has two different versions of 15 different Color By Sight Word pages for a total of 28 editable pages. This will enable you to extend learning and also allow you to differentiate instruction and meet your students’ different readiness levels. One option is to color by sight words and then write the words and read them to a friend. The other option has students coloring by sight word, writing the words, and then choosing one or two words from the list of words they found to write a sentence.
Teacher instructions:
Choose the sight words you would like to use for each page and enter them next to the crayons. The words will automatically populate into the picture. All spaces are automatically sized so that words will fit into each space. In general, all words should fit. That being said, some long words may make the font too small in smaller sections of a color-by-code page. So, before you print, you will want to check the page over. It may be beneficial to switch out longer words for a different color crayon that has spaces where it will fit better.
Programming the sight words into these color by sight word printables is very easy. First, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader onto your computer. Once you have completed that, please reboot your computer. Now go in and make sure you have saved the Editable Color By Sight Word file onto your computer. Go to that saved file and right-click on the file name. There will be a prompt to ‘Open using . . .’ or something similar to that. You should select ‘Adobe Reader.’ Now go to each page and enter the words you would like to have included next to the crayons. These words will automatically populate onto the color by code printable pages.


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