Edit It – A Year of EDITABLE Sight Word Activities
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Finally, Differentiated Sight Word Activities with the Words YOU want to use. It’s so easy.

Just enter your own sight word list and it automatically populates these packets games and activities

Check out this Super Simple EDIT IT Sight Word Activities blog post that specifically talks about this product and all that is included in these packets each month.

Each packet of EDIT IT Sight Word Activities/Games is designed so that YOU decide which words you want your students to practice for that month.

This packet is set up so that there are three different thematic sets of each activity. You can either use these sets to differentiate your word lists for different students or you can use the different sets to extend play. This is also a printable pack. You do not need a color printer. If you would like to keep your differentiated sets organized by color, you can always print your game boards off on colored card stock, but it is only an option and not necessary.

Setting up your activities is easy. Make sure you open this pdf file with Adobe Reader, read the instructions carefully, install the free fonts and simply type your words into the ‘lists.’ This will automatically populate the different sight word printables, games, and activities.

Please note: Using the font indicated for this packet, you will be able to fit from 6-8 lettered words. The font used for this packet is a free download. The font can NOT be edited however. This is why it is only appropriate for words 6-8 letters long.

Please see the list of all the packets included in this bundle below.

Edit It for December Sight Word Activities-Differentiated (Color and B/W)
Edit It for February Sight Word Activities-Differentiated (Color and B/W)
Edit It for January Sight Word Activities-Differentiated (Color and B/W)
Edit It for March Sight Word Activities – Differentiated (Color or B/W)
Edit It for November Sight Word Activities-Differentiated (Color and B/W)
Edit It-April Sight Word Activities-Differentiated (Color and B/W)
Edit It-August/September Sight Word Activities -Differentiated (In Color or B/W)
Edit It-May Sight Word Activities-Differentiated (Color and B/W)
Edit It-October Sight Word Activities-Differentiated (Color and B/W)

Please note, you will find both colored and black/white options for all these activities, because I am very aware that colored ink is a huge expense for teachers. I love being able to simply add color by printing black and white copies off on colored cardstock. But by offering you both options, the choice is yours.

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