Hands-On Dough Alphabet Centers Mats
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Play-doh Alphabet Mats are a great addition to your Alphabet/Letter Centers.

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Recognizing letters and learning their formation is one of the first exposures to literacy that a child has. Without a strong understanding of the Alphabet, a student’s ability to read could be greatly impacted. That knowledge of the Alphabet is commonly considered one of the best predictors of later achievement in reading. So giving our students various materials and ways to manipulate letters is imperative.

But teaching letter recognition and formation doesn’t have to be boring. By offering various tools and objects to create meaningful instruction, students will remain focused and engaged on learning. Dough mats are just one item you’ll find in my independent work stations. It’s definitely a favorite for my students and for me. My students love having the choice to use materials that they enjoy and I like that they are working independently, building fine motor skills, and letter recognition.

Included in this set:

•26 Colored Dough Mats

•26 Black and White Dough Mats

Teacher instructions: Choose to print these in color or in black and white and then laminate. Students will use dough to make the capital and lowercase letters and the beginning letter sound picture. Then, using a dry erase marker, they trace the letters and then try writing them on their own.

Tips: For students who have mastered very few letters so far, only place those letters and the letters you are currently working on in this center. Too many letters can be overwhelming. As they master more letters, you can increase the number of mats included and use these to reinforce letter/sound identification and formation.


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