Handwriting Without Tears® Style Letter Practice Pages


Handwriting can be frustrating and difficult for young students, but it shouldn’t be. I like to use a multisensory approach to teaching handwriting. We build letters in a variety of ways using materials and tools to help build fine motor muscles while reinforcing letter formation and recognition while being fun and engaging. You can see some examples of these building activities by clicking HERE. And when it’s time to put pencil to paper, I use this Handwriting Without Tears® type font to give students the support they need to be successful as they move through the handwriting process.

With this font, your students will always have a starting point for their letter writing. No more starting at the bottom. Also, because manipulating three writing lines can be overwhelming for beginning writers, this font uses only the bottom line for initial letter writing.

You will note that this package of handwriting sheets offers you a variety of Handwriting Without Tears-type fonts from which to choose as well as many choices of skills and levels of difficulty. By differentiating this way, you can be assured that you will offer handwriting practice that is challenging enough but not frustrating for all students in your classroom regardless of their starting point with handwriting.

Teacher instructions:

Select the font style and difficulty that is appropriate for your students based on their starting point with handwriting. You can choose to print these as worksheets for your students or laminate and offer your students dry erase markers for another way to practice.



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