Read-Bead-Write: Differentiated Self-Correcting CVC-CCVC/CVCC Common Core Fun
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This differentiated, self-correcting cvc-cvcc/ccvc word activity is tiered to meet the various readiness levels of your learners. It also allows you to differentiate instruction in response to those learners in your class who need extra fine-motor practice or who enjoy kinesthetic activities. Both capital and lowercase letter bead cards are available with this activity.

It addresses Common Core State Standards:
RF.K.2.d-Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel and final sounds in three phoneme words.

RF.1.2.c Isolate and pronounce initial, medial vowel and final sounds in single syllable words.

Teachers: Copy off all materials and laminate. Cut apart the game cards and fold on the dotted line. Secure the flap with a paperclip or clothes pin. There are both a set of capital letter cards and lowercase letter cards so that whatever type of beads you have should work for this activity.

There are two sets of playing cards for this tiered activity. The orange set is for students just starting to segment the sounds heard in three lettered words. The blue set is appropriate for those students who are ready for more of a challenge with four-lettered CCVC/CVCC word cards. Be sure to pre-assess your students to know which tier is appropriate for them. Students will select a card and place it at the top of their playing mat. They will say the word that the picture represents, string the letter sounds in the word and then write the word below. When they have completed these three steps, they can remove the clothespin from the playing card to see if their answer is correct.


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