Spinner Math Fun All Year Long-A Growing Bundle-Differentiated/Aligned
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Are your students bored with practicing essential math skills? It’s time to add engagement and fun to math with Math Spinner Activities. Spinner math activities are perfect for small group instruction, math centers, early finishers, and independent work. With games and printable worksheets, these spinner activities are differentiated for you so your students are always challenged at their level or readiness.
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Why Spinner Math Activities and Games:
►keeps students engaged in essential math skills
►provides hands-on practice in math skills
►allows students to work cooperatively with other students
►provides developmentally appropriate activities that focus on essential standards and skills in math
►provides the opportunity for students to build confidence and feel successful in math
►are differentiated so all students can feel successful
►keeps students challenged
►they’re FUN!!!!!!
Skills Targeted In This Set:
✅ number recognition
✅ counting objects
✅ comparing numbers
✅ ten frames
✅ writing numbers
✅ understanding the relationship between numbers and quantities
✅ adding one more, subtracting one
✅ counting on, counting back
✅ missing addends
✅ addition to 5
✅ addition to 10
✅ subtraction from 5
✅ subtraction from 10
✅ doubles
✅ place value with tens and ones
✅ telling time to the hour and half-hour __________________________________________________________________
Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Each Of The 10 Monthly Sets:
100-150 pages
►20 Different Spinners (available in black/white or color)
►20 Different Activities, Games, and Printables (available in black/white or color)
►’I Can . . .’ cards with picture and activity instructions to build independence for each station (available in black and white or color) _________________________________________________________________
What teachers are saying:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Erica D. said, My kids just love spinner activities! Another high-quality, engaging, and differentiated set from the master herself!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Alexis said, “It is so easy to print out and match the spinner to the recording sheet.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Calla said, “These spinners are so fun. Having Seasonal ones helps keep my students engaged. I love your work! Thanks.
Activities, Games, and Printables Included In Most Sets
►3 – Tiered Spin-it, Say-it, What comes next, before and before and after
►6 – Tiered Spin and Win Board Games
►2 – Tiered Doubles Bump
►7 – Tiered Spin and Graph
►7 – Tiered Spin and Color
►7 – Tiered Spot it and Dot it
►2 – Tiered Spin-it, Read-it, and Show-it
►4 – Tiered Spin-it, Read-it, and Write-it
►1 – Spin it and Find the Missing Addend
►1 – Spin it and Make Ten
►1 – One More Number
►1 – One Less Number
►1 – Spin-it and Compare – Which is bigger?
►1 – Spin-it and Compare- Greater than, Less than, or equal
►2 – Spin and Add
►2 – Spin and Subtract
►1 – Spin and Add 10 more
►1 – Beach Time
►►►If you’d like to see a detailed account of how I use spinners in my classroom, you can find a detailed blog post HERE.
Items Included in this bundle:
Other ELA Spinner Sets:
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All activities are differentiated and aligned to meet the needs of all your students. They include a student ‘I Can . . .’ poster for each activity which also includes the CCSS that the activity addresses.


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