Stomping Out Subtraction-Differentiated and Addresses Common Core
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A Common Core Floor Number Line Freebie
Differentiated To Meet the Various Readiness Levels
Of Your Students
K.0A.5 Fluently Add and Subtract Within 5

This common core subtraction activity goes along my freebie How to make a floor sized number line/100s chart. ( ) If you were able to get yours made or have a different commercial floor-sized number line you can use these cards and recording sheets to get your kinesthetic learners moving and mastering their subtraction facts. This activity is tiered to meet the needs of students who are learning to master subtraction facts 1-5, a second tier for 1-10 subtraction and a third tier for 1-15 subtraction. There are recording sheets that correspond to each tier in either color or black and white depending on your needs.

Instructions: Laminate, cut and sort subtraction cards by color. Green is tier one 1-5 subtraction, pink is tier two 1-10 subtraction and purple is tier three 1-15 subtraction. You may either print your recording sheets or print and laminate depending on your teaching preference. Place your number line in your room or hallway using only the sections you need depending on the tier. Students take turns being the stomper. This person shows the other students a number sentence. They record the sentence and find the answer. Once they have it they show it to the stomper. The stomper then stomps out the problem to see if they are correct. I allow each student to stomp out two questions before switching places.

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