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Differentiated Kindergarten’s Leprechaun Shenanigans Begin

Let the Shenanigans begin!!!! I can’t help myself.  I just had to get my St. Patrick’s Day fun started early.  And so this week, Seamus made his first appearance.  Yes!  I have my very own leprechaun. He’s been visiting my class for years now and with a name like McGuire, would you really expect anything less?
So to get the party started and to start getting leprechauns, gold and St. Patrick’s Day on the minds of my ‘wee little ones,’ we put together this sweet little creativity.  (I’ve also been strategically introducing a load of great St. Patrick’s Day picture books and read alouds – check out THIS POST for a list of books I like to use.)
I think they turned out so cute.

The next day when my students arrived, they had a color by addition activity to complete.  But when they got to the part where they needed a green crayon . . .
none could be found!  In fact, they couldn’t find a green crayon, a green marker or a green pencil anywhere.  ‘Someone’ had taken them all. 
There was a lot of speculation, but we knew the truth when we found all our green writing instruments stuffed into our mailbox with a little note from dear ol’ Seamus.
(Yes, I know that is should be spelled Seamus, but let’s face it, phonetically, it’s easier for kinders to use this ‘Americanized’ version and we have been studying digraphs.  So I took advantage of the Americanized version.)
Needless to say, there has been tons of chatter about leprechauns and Seamus and what he will be doing next.  
I grabbed ahold of the opportunity, and we’ve been keeping a journal of events and all the shenanigans he has been pulling.  
They can’t get enough and everyday are anxious and ready to write about what they’ve learned about Seamus and leprechauns and what they think he’ll do next. I have to admit, I’m kind of excited to arrive each day to see what kind of mischief he’s gotten himself into over night.  It doesn’t hurt to have engaging and fun activities for this teacher too.  
Need some inspiration to get your green on?  Check out my Leprechaun Lollapalooza Pack for Leprechaun Crafts, printables, writing prompts, write the room fun, classroom notes and ideas to make your St. Patrick’s season fun the best one yet.  
Make sure your keep checking back to hear about all the fun and mischief during this delightful St. Patrick’s season.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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