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Differentiated Spinners . . . huh?

I know… you might think . . .” come on Marsha… perhaps differentiated spinners is pushing it a bit” but I have to tell you, of the many tools I use to differentiate instruction, spinners are a MUST have item.  I can change an activity and tier it just by throwing in a different spinner.  

A group of students can be working on an activity that deals with bigger and smaller and for another tier, I can throw in an odd/even spinner to add some challenge. Or a group of students may play a game where they use an addition 0-5 spinner and presto change-o I can throw a new spinner into the game and make it a bit more challenging by now using an addition spinner card for 0-10.

Spinners are versatile and cheap.  I use them for math games, making words, writing activities . . . You name it!  You can find them about anywhere, but, let’s face it, they all can not give you a great SPIN like you need to keep kiddos engaged in a classroom.  Thee best one’s I found are from Learning Resources (I LOVE those guys!).

And the best way I’ve found to use them is by purchasing a bunch of cd cases at the Dollar Tree and taping the spinners to the outside…

while placing the spinner card inside.
It is so easy to change them out this way and the cards don’t get damaged from year to year.  I have actually been doing it this way for so many years, I’m not sure who to credit for the idea.  I know I didn’t think of it, but it was long before Pinterest so it’s hard to tell.

If you interested in some new games and activities for using spinners, you can find them in almost any of my Math Galore packs including the latest Loving Differentiated Math Stations Galore. 

 It has 84 pages and 9 Differentiated and Aligned Stations.  I worked hard to get a variety of activities and to include the option of black and white recording sheets when possible for those of you with color printer limits (It’s Expensive!  Believe me I know!)

I’d love to hear your favorite ways to use spinners so drop me a line.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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