Gathering Up Goodies for Differentiated Halloween Fun.


It’s that time . . .time to start gathering up some goodies to engage and delight the kiddies during this Halloween season.  So I quick took a few pictures to give you a quick ‘look see’  .  .  .

It’s amazing what you can find when you go through all the boxes of holiday ‘stuff’ you have squirrelled away from post season purchases.  I have absolutely no idea when or where I acquired these colorful little spiders, but when I was reacquainted with them this year, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.    
If you are familiar with my ABC parking lot activity, you know I do a similar activity to the one below with matchbox cars and a playing mat.  
Well, I thought, why not write letters on the backs of these cute little spiders and use them the same way.
Of course, I needed to differentiate the activity a bit, so after students get their spiders all in the right web, they can use the beginning letter sound picture cards to match up pictures to letter webs, too. 
And then, I found these little lovely buttons at JoAnne’s.  I absolutely love to give kinders interesting and fun manipulatives to use for counting and math activities and these (as well as any cheap Dollar Store-type erasers or counters)  can make any math station just that much more fun.  I actually had to shoo my nine year old away from my math stuff.  He wanted to work with the spider buttons.
I have a difficult time keeping my class away from play-doh.  It’s so amazing to me how much it helps their find motor, and there so many kinders that just aren’t allowed to use it at home because it’s ‘messy.’  So even though my kinders are much father along with their number recognition and counting, I’m letting them work with play-doh to make higher numbers and by offering these fun manipulatives and a ten (or twenty) frame, they can work on representing numbers as well. 
I love this clipart I found from Melonheadz with the Witches Laundry.  It’s perfect for my sensory table (sorry, I didn’t take a picture of it yet).  Numbers go in the sensory table and students pick three number cards randomly…then they use clothes pins to put the numbers in order on a string I have (the witch’s clothes line) from smallest to largest.  When they have had the opportunity to work in the sensory table on this skills, they can use the mat below to practice the same skill and writing numbers that correspond.
Yatta! has become a class favorite so here is the Halloween version I just had to make to appease the kindergarten masses.  There is a 1-5 and 1-10 version for differentiating. 
More fun with my favorite spider buttons! I have self-correcting cards for patterning (it comes with spider cards in case you can’t locate my cute spider buttons)  Some of my younger minders are still working on AB patterns but I also created some more complex pattern options for AABB, ABB, ABC, AAB and the like as well. 
And of course, we always need practice writing numbers, so MaGill (my own home grown kinder) grabbed my Costume Parade Counting Book and did a little practicing on his own.  
I will have some more pictures next week, but if you are interested in learning about any of the activities above, go ahead and click on the pictures for more information.  

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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