It’s official . . . one more leprechaun foot and I’ll turn green.

It’s been a weekend of Irish shenanigans and leprechaun feet. 

Seamus left us a self-portrait.

Many of you remember my original post from about 2 weeks ago when I showed the havoc that those little green men raise in both my home and my classroom.  WOW! I have heard from so many great people who have embraced the fun of St. Patrick’s Day and made it their own.  Thanks for sharing your stories with me. 
I have loved it and would love know of any great new ideas any of you have come up with for next year.  You know I have to up the anty every year. 
In the meantime, here’s a few pictures of my own family and classroom fun! 
Seamus’ annual pit stop.
Green Milk  . . . My boys say it tastes better than white.

Seamus left each student a hidden gift with a note.

Remember to leave me note about all your St. Patrick’s Day traditions. 
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