It’s Stitch Fix Time and Time For A Giveaway

What’s your guilty pleasure?  A small bowl of ice cream late at night, a fancy coffee in the morning, trashy magazines, massages or manicures?  Here’s mine.  Once a month, a stylist picks out five items for me to try on.  In the privacy of my home, with the other items from my closet to coordinate, and all the time in the world, I try on items I would never choose for myself.  Stitch Fix is my guilty pleasure.  
For someone who absolutely HATES shopping, this $20 indulgence is a delightful way to find something great to add to your closet.  Sometimes, everything is perfect and you hit a home run.  Other times, you might only find one or two items that work.  But even if decide to return everything, you’ve had the pleasure and enjoyment of some private styling time.  And enclosed, prepaid envelope, returning whatever you don’t want to keep is easy peasy.
Stitch Fix is so simple.  You sign up for Stitch Fix,  complete your personal styling preferences, link your Pinterest style board to your profile, pay $20 and wait for your first fix.  When you get your fix, you try on all your items with the help of your stylist.  They send you a card with suggested pairings in case you’re like me and are a little styling impaired.  Keep what you love, and send back what you don’t.  Your  $20 styling fee will go towards your purchase, and, if you decide to keep everything, they will even give you a 25% discount off your entire order.
So now that you know how it works, wanna see what I was sent this month?
First up was this Everette Crochet Trim Woven Blouse.  I loved the rust color.  I don’t do a lot of reds or oranges, but this is the perfect shade for me.  It’s a light weight blouse that I will be able to wear long into the spring.
My stylist suggested I pair it with a skirt, but that won’t happen until the snow leaves Michigan in the spring, so I tried it out with jeans and boots, and it paired really well.  This one was a keeper!
Next, they sent me a pair of black Frieda Ankle Length Skinny Jeans.  I’d love to show you what they looked like on but, unfortunately, they were obscenely tight and way to small for me.  Ugghh.  The last several pairs of pants Stitch Fix has sent me were a perfect fit, and I’ve kept them all.  But, unfortunately, these will go back which is a bummer, because I could have REALLY used a new pair of slacks for chasing kinder friends around.  (I don’t know about you, but I don’t do skirts in the winter!)
My stylist also sent me a Britt Ombre Chevron Wrap Scarf.  It was ‘ok,’ but it just didn’t really ‘do’ anything for me.  A couple months ago, my stylist sent me the BEST knit scarf in fabulous fall colors.  It’s a bit of a hard act to follow.  This scarf’s color was a bit dull, and I couldn’t really bring myself to ‘love it.’  So this will also be going back, too.
A black Kalliope Open Front Swing Cardigan came next.  I absolutely loved this piece.  It’s a nice light knit that is actually kind of slimming.  It’s also so versatile.  Of course, it will be great paired with leggings and boots during the frigid winter months, but I can also see myself wearing it in the summer over a tank top on a cool evening.  Perfect for Michigan’s crazy, never-know-what-it’s-gonna-be-like-outside, weather.  I will definitely be keeping this one.
Finally, I found this Abel Textured Knit Sweater in the mix of pieces sent this month.  Now, just because I’m old enough to have had a sweater just like this in the 80s, doesn’t mean I want to relive those fashion disaster days.  This one was just a little to reminiscent.  The knit was not real ‘natural’ feeling, the different textures were a mix between a sparkly laced synthetic knit and something that was long and fuzzy.  It definitely was going back.
All in all, not a horrible fix.  I ended up keeping two items that I love, and I have HUGE hopes that my stylist will find me some slacks that will be great for the classroom and another fabulous knit scarf or cowl that would make me feel warm and comfy during the pending cold Michigan winter months.  If you’d like to find out more about Stitch Fix, just click on the picture below.  (It’s my favorite Stitch Fix scarf!!! Love it.)
And because I just know you’d love a chance to win your own fix, enter my giveaway below for your chance at a $20 gift certificate to cover the cost of your first stylist fee.  What do you have to lose?




Now that you’ve seen my fix, you have to head over to Maria’s blog and see hers.  She also has a giveaway going on which means even more chances to win your very own fix!   Head on over to check it out?

Until then, I’m off to update my style profile and pin some new items for my stylist to find for my next fix!


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