Michigan Blogger Meet Up

Wow!! What an incredibly busy weekend.  I thought summer vacation meant that teachers slowed down and took it easy…I’m thinking ‘not so much.’  But one of the ‘busy’ parts of the weekend was just so much fun, I had to share.

Christina, from over at Mrs. Bainbridge’s Class along with Patty from 2nd In Line organized a little Michigan Teacher Blogger Meet-Up in Grand Rapids.  It was so much fun.


I grabbed Julie from Make, Take and Teach (she’s my hometown blogging buddy) and went down hook up with all these fabulous teachers.

It was a ton of fun.


We had some good laughs

ate some good food

talked a little shop and took a lot of pictures.


Everyone one was just as sweet as they are in their blogs,  and I enjoyed meeting them so much.

I have to share with all you Freebielicious followers though that meeting my fellow Freebielicous Friend, Maria (Kinder Craze), was a highlight of the afternoon.

When you talk to someone several times a week on the ‘net’ but have never met them, it’s great to finally be able to meet in ‘real life.’

She was our official photographer…yes all the good pictures here are hers…the bad ones are mine.

Anyway, it was my very first blogger meet up but I can say, it won’t be my last.  If you liked to check out some of my new friends, I listed their blogs below.  Please go give them a look see.

Bunting Books and Bainbridge

All That Glitters in First Grade
Make, Take & Teach


Also…I have a secret….

please make sure you are one of my Facebook followers…  Something BIG is coming and you’re not gonna want to miss it.  Just trust me…make sure you’re following me.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

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