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Planning Differentiated Math Stations For Thanksgiving

Crazy busy week.  Halloween is always like that isn’t ‘it. As soon as it’s over, I’m scrambling to pull
everything down and get ready for Thanksgiving.  It’s less than tree weeks away you know!

So while I have had every intention of getting these stations printed out, laminated, cut up and ready to go . . . here is my pile of laminate.  Actually at the time of this blog, my husband and brother-in-law are cutting these all apart.  I still have some time to pull it all together before Monday. I think I can . . . I think I can.

I don’t usually like to post this stuff out there without pictures of the activities actually being used, but some of these are oldies but goodies and, for my own kinders, these are stations that are independent and expectations are understood by now so perhaps it’s the same for you.  I’ll be sure to get some pictures out this week for you all to peak at in anycase.

Until then…here’s the plan.  You can click on the picture to get a copy with hyperlinks.

Station 1:  Thankful for Ten Frames Write the Room Fun  There are two different sets of cards that can be mounted throughout your room and numerous recording sheets.  Students can count items in a ten frame (or 20 frame), count on, or even identify what number is needed to make 10 (my kinders are really getting the hang of this one).  All aligned to common core.
Station 2:  Number Writing Practice Book From Fran, some of kinders are getting close to finishing this great freebie from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons.  When they finally do finish, they’ll be able to do a
 Positional Thanksgiving Book that I’m making…stay tuned for that one.
Station 3:  Turkey Trot (From Thankful For Math Galore)  This is a self-correcting activity.  I loves these for independent learning.  Students take a card and place it on their mat.  They will write the numbers shown and figure out which number is missing.  We’re really hitting these hard.  I want my students to really be fluent with what is before and after and between which I find really helpful when it comes time for adding and subtracting.  I always feel like if I take the time and really get it down now, it saves me so much more time later in the year.
Station 4:  What’s For Dinner? (From Thankful For Math Galore)  This game is played similarly to your traditional ‘war’ game.  However, there are numeral cards and ten frame cards in this one.  Instead of ‘biggest’ number always being a winner, in this one, students will spin a spinner to determine whether the biggest or smallest number wins.  I also added odd and even number spinner because I have a couple of students who are ready for that skill and can handle the challenge.
Station 5:  Turkey Hunt (From Thankful For Math Galore)  Here is a class favorite and fun game for number recognition.  Number cards go in a small pocket chart and one student hides the turkey.  Students take turns trying to find the turkey by identifying numbers.  The student that finds the turkey gets to hide it next.
Station 6:  Gobbling up Missing Numbers I Spy  Students use magnifying glasses to find number sets.  There are sets with a missing number before, after and between numbers.  When they find a set, they record the numbers on a recording sheet (black and white or colored versions available) and determine which number is missing.  There are tiers for 1-10, 1-15 and 1-20.
Station 7: Counting on Turkeys (Thankful for Math Galore) Students pull a turkey from a bucket, box or festive pail and write the number on the turkey located on either a black and white or colored recording sheet.  They then write the numbers that come after by ‘counting on.’ Use a recording sheet with or without a number line for more or less scaffolding.
Station 8: Gobble Gobble (Thankful for Math Galore)  Playing cards are placed in a pail or bucket (place the appropriate number and level for the readiness of your kinders) and students take turns pulling a card.  If they can identify the card they can keep it.  However, there are some special playing cards added to make play even more interesting.  One card ‘gobble gobble’ requires the player to gobble like a turkey in order to gobble up a card from each of the other players.
Station 9:  Stamping Stations – Lovin’ Mrs. Miner’s Stamping 0-20.  I can easily differentiate these for those who are still struggling with mastering numbers 0-20 and appeal to those needing something a little more.  Plus my kinders LOVE stamps. Click on the picture below to check out her stamping unit.
You’ll notice quite a few of these activities are part of Thankful for Math Fun Galore.  There are actually seven activities in that packet.
That’s it.  Sorry for my rambling.  Now it’s time to get them all put together and ready for Monday.  Stop back later this week.  I plan (if all goes well) to have a little something for all you guys.


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