Apples Galore-5 Math Activities in One Aligned and Differentiated
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These games are aligned to Common Core Standards:
CC.K.1: Can count to 100 by 1s.
CC.K.2: Can count on from a given number.
CC.K.7: Can compare two written numerals between 1-10.

This package includes materials that will allow you to differentiate several different math activities. Activities that can be played are:
Wormy Apples: You will need a copy of the number cards appropriate for the readiness level of your students along with special playing cards are placed in a bucket. Each student takes a card, if they know the number card, they keep it. If not it is returned to the bucket. There are some special playing cards to make play interesting along the way. The student who ends up with most cards, is the Apply of The Teachers Eye.

Counting on Apples: You will need a copy of the number cards.. Place number cards that are appropriate for your students readiness level in a bucket. Students draw a number and write in on the apple on their recording sheet. Then they write the numbers that come after. This activity comes with color or b/w recording sheets and sheets with or without number lines for tiering difficulty.
Apple Numbers Memory: Play like traditional memory. You will want to copies of the apple number cards for the level of readiness of your players. Have them say the number when finding the match.

Linking Apples: This is a great fine motor activity for students and reinforces number order. Use a copy of the apple cards with a hole punched on each end (I team up students in pairs) and have them use plastic linking chains to place them in the right order.
Apples Hi and Low: This game is played like your traditional (WAR Card Game). Students sit in a circle and each reaches in to grab a card without looking. Then they compare cards to see who has the biggest number. That person takes all the cards and play continues until all the cards are gone. Then you count up the cards to see who is the winner.

Materials included:
Apple number cards 1-50
Special playing cards for Wormy Apples Game
Recording sheets for Counting on Apples in Color and B/W with or without number lines to help you differentiate.


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