Blends, Rhymes and Digraph Spinner Fun for February: Differentiated and Aligned
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Valentine’s Day Digraph, Rhyming and Blend Spinner Fun!!!

This packet contains printables and activities for February themed Digraph, Blends and Rhyming spinner fun. Spinners are a great motivator for students, because they provide a sense of play and fun, and they are also kinesthetic. Because these spinner activities are all differentiated and aligned, you are sure to meet the readiness levels, learning profiles and interests of all your students. And here’s the best part . . . it’s an independent station that will keep them working and engaged.

You will find several different spinning mats in various styles and varieties. You DO NOT need a color printer for this pack, but if you like to print in color, that option is available to you. I prefer to use the color sheets and laminate them initially so that my students can practice the activity. If I need to have something as “evidence” of their understanding, I will then print off a black and white version. But with this packet, you can choose to do whichever you prefer.

Don’t own spinners? No problem. You can make a simple spinner with a brad and a paperclip or some teachers actually have students use a pencil and a paperclip. In my classroom, I have purchased very inexpensive, clear spinners that I tape onto a plastic CD case. The spinner cards can easily be changed out just by opening the case and sliding one card out and the other in. If you’d like to see more on how I do this just check out my blog post:
A New Spin On Differentiated Instruction

In this 52 page packet, you will find the following items:
1 blends picture spinner.
1 blends picture/sound spinner.
1 blends sounds spinner.
1 digraph picture spinner.
1 digraph picture/sound spinner.
1 digraph sound spinner.
1 rhyming picture spinner.
1 rhyming picture/sound spinner.
1 rhyming word spinner.
1 rhyming word family spinner.
Instructional/Visual Task Cards for each activity for greater student independence
3 Differentiated Spin and Spot a Blend (black/white printable).
2 Spin and Color pages for Blends.
2 Differentiated Blend Word Spin(black/white printable).
2 Differentiated Blends Spin and Bump (in color or black/white).
3 Differentiated Spin and Spot a Digraph (black/white printable).
2 Spin and Color pages for Digraph.
2 Differentiated Digraph Word Spin(black/white printable).
2 Differentiated Digraph Spin and Bump (in color or black/white).
3 Differentiated Spin and Spot a Rhyme (black/white printable).
2 Spin and Color pages for Rhymes (black/white printable).
2 Differentiated Rhymes Word Spin(black/white printable).

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