Editable Fun Photo Folder/Name Tags
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Add a little fun to your folders or name tags with these EDITABLE photo tags.

There are actually two ways you can edit this packet and the choice is yours. By using a PDF version, I give you three different font choices and 47 character photos from which to choose. You simply type in the names under the pictures you like and the other font choices are populated automatically. That way, you can just choose and print that pages you like best. The PDF file will accommodate names with up to ten letters.

If you’d like a little bit more flexibility in your font and size, I have also included a Powerpoint version of this product. While I personally think the graphics are a little less amazing on the Powerpoint version than what they are in a PDF file, some people prefer this editing option because they have greater control over the font and size. It’s your choice.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please feel free to contact me directly differentiatedkindergarten@gmail.com


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