I Can Do It Myself-Constructing Numbers-Differentiated/Aligned Place Value Fun
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This file is an up-date version of my best-selling ‘Constructing Numbers.’ It now contains a students instructional sheet, follow-up response sheets for additional practice and the playing cards are available in either color or black and white.


This is a self-correcting/independent math station that your students will easily complete on their own. It will appeal to your kinesthetic and spatial learns as they build numbers with tens and ones manipulatives and it is tiered to meet the readiness levels of early learners and those who need the challenge of bigger numbers to keep them engaged. It is also self-correcting so students can use it independently.

Teachers: Print and laminate one construction mat for each child that will be working at this station. Print and laminate the number cards. Then cut them apart. Fold the card in at the dotted line so the answer is hidden and secure it with a clothes pin. Numbers 1-30 have a yellow border with black numbers. Numbers 31-60 have a black border, Numbers 61-100 have a yellow double lined border to help you keep your numbers separated for differentiating. To make this activity more engaging, I have some construction hats that I purchased at the dollar store that my kiddos like to wear while they’re ‘constructing’ their numbers. I also often have them play a game with one of them drawing the number card and the others seeing who can make the number the quickest. Whoever finishes making the number correctly first, keeps the card. The person with the most cards at the end of the game, is the coolest construction worker.

This product aligns with standards:
K.NBT.A.1: Compose and decompose number into tens and ones.
1.NBT.B.2: Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones

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