Speed Readers-Dolch Phrase Mastery System: Differentiated and Aligned
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Differentiated and Aligned to: RF.K.3c: Read common high-frequency words by sight.
Speed Readers is the companion unit to Ball Words: A Dolch Word Mastery System for Motivating Students to learn sight words. Speed Readers can be used with Ball Words, after all Ball Words have been mastered or on it’s own. It allows students to find success with Dolch phrases at their own readiness level. With Speed Readers Dolch Phrase consists of words from each of the 11 Dolch lists with a few easily deciphered words thrown in when necessary. These phrases are placed on cards with different levels of transportation pictures. Students work their way from a Skateboard Speed Reader to the speedy Rocket Speed Reader by utilizing the resources and activities found in this unit. Once mastered, they receive an official ‘Speed Reader’ certificate and move on to the next level of Dolch Phrases. It is up to you how and if you reward your students when they master each new list. In my classroom, they get their name placed on the Speed Reader poster for each level and receive a small token from my treasure box for their hard work. I have used this system for over four years in my own classroom and love it because I never have to beg my students to practice Dolch Phrases. They love mastering one form of transportation in order to move onto the next, more speedy level. It is an activity that is chosen above all others by my students if there is free time. In my own definition of fluency, I require my students to say each phrase within the level without any mistakes or corrections within one minute. But with any activity, feel free to set your own guidelines and expectations. But above all, have fun.
Items you will find in this packet:
Speed Reader Cards: There are 11 different levels of Dolch Phrases based on the 11 Dolch Word Levels. Each level has 16 phrase cards (total of 176 cards). These cards are used for the following:
Phrase Rings: Laminate and hook these on to rings for easy use and storage. I make a couple of copies of each.
Speed Reader Champ Games
Speed Reader Read and Win Games
Speed Reader Memory
Speed Reader Slap Games
Editable Speed Reader Cards: In case you want to add some phrases of your own. I have included a set of blank cards for each level which are editable.
Speed Reader Certificate for Each of the 11 levels of Speed Reader- Fill in the student’s name, your name and the date when students master the list, print and laminate. (There is an editable version as well.)
Speed Reader Speed Bump Spin and Win Phrase game and spinner for each level (11 spinners, 11 Spin and Win Mats)
Printable (and editable) items for creating a Speed Reader poster for each level (11 in all).
Progress monitor sheet to track when students progress through each level.

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