Spooky Ten Frame Write The Room Run-Differentiated and Aligned
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K.CC.2: Can count up from any given number.
K.CC.5: Count objects in a line or in an array up to 20.
K.CC.6: Compare groups of objects to determine which is greater than, less than or equal to.
K.CC.7: Compare 2 written numbers between 1-10.
K.0A.4 Given a number between 1-9, find the number that makes 10 when added.
Included in this activity:
10 Different Write the Room 10-Frame Cards (Numbers 1-10)
10 Different Write the Room 20 Frame Cards (Numbers 11-20)
17 Different Response Sheets Tiered and Addressing the Following Skills:
Counting On
Identifying Numbers That Come Before
Identifying Numbers That Come Before and After
Making Ten
Comparing Numbers to Find the Bigger Number
Each counting activity includes a response sheet with or without a number line for scaffolding.

Teachers: Laminate and cut apart 10 Frame Write the Room Cards. Use painters tape to ‘hide’ them throughout your classroom. Choose the response sheet that represents the skill you want practiced and the readiness level of your students. Supply clipboards and dry erase markers (if response sheets are laminated) and send your students on their way. There are so many different response sheets for these cards, you could use them all month for your math stations. Just offer different response sheets every time students visit this station. When students complete the activity, check their answers or have them check their answers against the answer sheet provided here.

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