A Corny Ten Frame Fun Build-Differentiated and Aligned to Common Core
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This differentiated math activity will appeal to your kinesthetic, spatial and naturalist learners (if you decide to use real acorns) as they build numbers on a tens frame with natural materials such as acorns, rocks, pumpkin seeds or what ever you can find outside in your backyard.

It addresses Common Core State Standards:
CC.K.2: Can count on from a given number.
CC.K.5: Given a number from 1-20, count out that many objects.

It is tiered to meet the readiness levels of early learners and those who need the challenge of bigger numbers to keep them engaged. It is also self-correcting so students can use it independently. For student just starting out with number recognition use the single tens frame and game cards 0-10. They can simply build the numbers or there are optional playing mats for writing the number and writing the number and counting on. For students who are ready to be challenged beyond those numbers, offer game cards 0-20 and the corresponding playing mat. There are also additional mats offered if your students need practice writing the number or writing the number and counting on.

Teachers: Copy off all materials and laminate. Cut apart the game cards and fold on the dotted line. Secure the flap with a paperclip or clothes pin (I prefer clothes pins). Using the included acorn pieces or real acorns, students build the number. Students may use this activity independently as they practice producing numbers or as a game with each child having a building mat. One child selects a card and shows that other students the number without saying it. The first students to produce the number correctly on their mat, gets to keep the playing. Play until all the cards are won and then count them up to see who is the Top Tens Frame Builder.

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