ST Blends Word Work Galore-Differentiated and Aligned Activities and Instruction
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ST BLEND Word Work Galore

This packet is part of an ongoing series of Word Work Galore packets that can be found in my store. It is one of sixteen packets available at a 35% discount in the Blends Word Work Galore Growing Bundle. This packet is part of an ongoing series of Word Work Galore packets that can be found in my store. Short Vowel Word Family Word Work Galore, CVCe Word Family Word Work Galore and Digraphs are products that follow many similar activities that you find in this blends packet. This continuity makes learning familiar, builds confidence and allows your students to be very independent with their word work activities.

This particular packet includes words that have the ST blend. It includes many tiered versions of activities so that you can easily differentiate based on your students’ level of readiness
P. 5-7 Blend Instruction Schedule and Instructions
P. 8-11 Introducing Blends
P. 12-23 Posters
P. 25-39 Small Playing/Sorting Cards
P. 40-51 Write the Room
P. 52-69 Say-It, Make-It, Write-It Self-correcting Activity
P. 70-74 Reading Practice/Response: Silly ST Word Stories
P. 75-83 Homework/Morning Work Printables
P. 84-90 Extra Extra Printables
P. 91-94 Linking Cards for Making Words
P. 95-97 Extra Games for Blend Fun
P. 98 Answer Pages

If you are interested in other blend word work packets, please check them out by clinking the link: Word Families, Blends, Digraphs and CVCe Word Work Galore
or if you would like to see this packet as part of a bundle, please find it at Blends Word Work Galore Growing Bundle

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