Are you filling your cart yet? And $600 worth of freebies for everyone!

So many GREAT events happening in the next couple of days. You can’t affort to miss them. First . . .
TpT is have a HUGE Sale . . . and so am I. 

Everything in my store will be on sale, 20% from me and ANOTHER 8% from TpT when you use their code!!!!!

The sale doesn’t start until Sunday and goes through Tuesday but you can start filling your cart TODAY!

And don’t forget Sunday! $600 in FREE TpT products for anyone and everyone.  But they are only available on SUNDAY so mark your calendars, get yourself a zip drive or two or three and get ready to download some AWESOME products.  I know I am.  Just click on the Teacher’s Jackpot Logo and it will take you right where you need to go on Sunday and to my FREE product.  From there you can link up to all the other bloggers at the bottom of the post to get their free products too.  Don’t miss out!!!

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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