Back To School With Guess Who? April from Grade School Giggles

We’re keeping it going over here at A Differentiated Kindergarten during Back To School With Guess Who, and today I’m delighted to introduce you to April from Grade School Giggles. 

Hi Everyone! I’m April from Grade School Giggles and I am so excited to be a guest author for Marsha over here at A Differentiated Kindergarten.

It’s that time of year when we are getting ready for school to start back and we all put a ton of effort into making the first day of school special. One of the most important responsibilities we have is making sure each child gets home the correct way. So, today I am sharing a freebie with you to help get all the kids home the right way.

To help organize the day’s transportation, I’ve created coloring sheets for each type of transportation. You can get them here or by clicking the picture.


Just write your school’s bus numbers on them, copy the pages, and cut out the sheets ahead of time. Make sure you have plenty of each type. Ask the kids how they are going home. Check their answers with your records and pass out the coloring sheets. If any child gave you an answer that doesn’t match your records, you can call home or check with the office while the students are coloring. 

Once the students are done coloring, you can tape the sheets on the front of their desks or on the wall. You could also punch two holes in the corners and make them into necklaces to be worn. Then at the end of the day you have a clear visual to help you get everyone home the right way.

Thank you for letting me visit with you here at A Differentiated Kindergarten. If you would like to stop by my blog and checkout my other resources and ideas please come visit me at Grade School Giggles. I’d love to see some of ya’ll there!

Make sure you check back here again tomorrow for more great back to school goodies!

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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