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And on the second day of kindergarten . . . there was math stations galore!

It is said, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  I love that motto. So on the second day of school, despite my inner ‘self’ telling “don’t do it,”  I jumped right in and started math stations.  I figured, why not.  I have a student teacher, a returning student who knows my math station routines . . . I thought the other three stations were independent enough that we could give it a whirl with a little modeling and practice.
I was a little too busy to take many pictures, but I was able to grab a couple and I survived to say . . . ‘it can only get better from here.’  In all actuality, everyone stayed at their station, everyone was engaged and working and no one cried or lost an eye in the process.  I say that’s a WIN in my book.
It’s so hard not to compare these students and stations with the ones you end the year with in the spring, but I always have to remember, these initial stations are about building familiarity, exploration and developing routines that will be a strong foundation for the future.
So am I the only crazy one, or does anyone else start stations on the second day of school?

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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