Butterflies are in Bloom!! So of course, I have a differentiated BUTTERFLY FREEBIE for you.

I know it’s spring break in Michigan when my family makes their annual visit to the Fredrerik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids.  It’s a favorite annual trip, and I LOVE that my boys still get excited about going each year to see the butterflies. 

Of course they have to get prepared by checking out the brochure so they know which ones are their favorites and for which one’s they’ll be searching.

The blue Morpho is a favorite, of course.

It’s also the hardest to capture.  I got a quick shot of one at rest and that blue flash is one flying by.

There are so many varieties  . . . and all so beautiful.

The gardens do a fabulous job of introducing the entire life cycle from egg to caterpillar  . . .

I see a caterpillar!

 to chrysalis

So many varieties of chrysalis hatching . . .

  to finally butterfly

If you are VERY VERY still, sometimes they land on you.  My boys hope and pray for this every year but, alas, it hasn’t happened yet.  But they still try.  And after the butterflies, of course, we spend another couple of hours in the children’s garden.  There is a sound garden, water activity, shrub maze, a huge sand area, a butterfly educational center and the ultimate tree house/fort ever. 

My three little bears loved it (they claimed this area of the park as their bear cave). 
And all this butterfly

and frog (yes we saw little tree frogs too) talk

has got me thinking about making a new activities and, of course, a freebie for all of you.
So check it out.  This one is a little bit different but I think you’ll like it.  Instead of students just searching for the written word in an I-Spy and recording what they read, this I-Spy has a hidden picture in it.  The students find the hidden picture, say the word, sound it out and record what they see.
This is my first time doing this activity so I’m looking alot of feedback on how it works for you.  I have a cheap little Samsung 322 HP laser printer and the pictures came out fine for view through a magnifying glass so I can’t imagine that anyone will have any problems with it but if you do let me know. Just click  HERE or on the picture to get it.
You can use this activity a variety of ways in order to meet your students’ learning profiles.
There is an extended unit including CCVC/CVCC words and CVCe words available at my TpT store for you to check out as well.  And in case you didn’t know
I have some other creepy crawly activities available there as well.

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