Excuse me ma’am but your laminate is showing . . . and it’s TIME for a freebie.

Ok so it wasn’t my biggest pile of laminate and cutting ever but it was big enough (only 163 pages). I just hate it when I put off the cutting part.   Laminating is kind of like doing laundry for me.  I enjoy doing laundry, but I despise folding and putting away clothes.  Likewise, I LOVE laminating.  Heck, I have my own personal laminator at home and another one in my classroom (just in case) even though our school has two of their own.  All my student teachers get laminators when they leave me just because I figure, if I love laminating so much, how could they NOT love it?  It is my secret passion.

It’s so bad that you know how you sometimes can tell that someone has about 20 cats living with them because of all the fur they carry around on their clothing? Well, it never fails, I OFTEN have a little sniggle of laminate hanging off me somewhere at any given time.  People must know I’m a teacher because of it.  That stuff sticks to everything, socks, carpet, pets, husbands, even my children have been known to sport a tidbit of the slippery stuff when I haven’t inspected them before leaving the house.  I tell them it’s the burden they must bare for being the child of a teacher obsessed with her laminator.

I think it’s TIME for you to do a little laminating yourself now since I’m passing along this little freebie to you.  Go ahead and grab it up by clicking HERE or on the picture, all I ask is that you show me a little love by following my blog, facebook page or leaving me a comment.

 It’s part of a larger unit, ‘It’s Spring Time-A diffferentiated telling time write the room activity’ available at either my TpT or Teachers Notebook stores. 
Ok, it’s time for me to get back to cutting  . . . and after that I’m sure I have some laundry to fold.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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