Double Bundle Giveaway or “I’m Feeling Kinda Like Oprah”

Today, I’m feeling a little bit like Oprah.  You know those shows she always had when she would give away her favorite things.  Well today is my turn to give away one of my most favorite resources to one of you.

Sometimes a product comes along that you just know you couldn’t live without.  It carries you through weeks and weeks of instruction, your students love it, you love it and your students reap oodles and oodles of great instruction because you have it.  That’s how I feel about my friend Maria’s-Kinder-Craze Sight Word Readers.  


In her first  bundle of 100 readers, whether you’re looking for specific books that focus on a special sight word or are looking for a thematic reader, you have 100 readers to choose from in her first gigantic bundle.  Seriously, there are readers for color words, holidays, sight words, seasonal words and even one for 100s Day!. . . I did say there are 100 readers included in this bundle, didn’t I?   To see a complete list, just click on any of the pictures here . . . and you can see the list.  But here’s something else I know . . . even though Maria has completed her first bundle of books, she is by no means done.  In fact, she has already started production on a second bundle of books.  And Maria has already announced  that this new bundle will start at an amazing low price (just like the original bundle did) and, like the original bundle, it will come with the benefit of free updates each time she completes a new book.  So even though that new bundle isn’t ready yet, you’re gonna want to be watching for it, following her store and getting it early while the price is low.  

One of my favorites readers that I will be using when we get back to class on Monday is ‘Winter is Snow Much Fun.’

It goes along great with all the snowy weather activities I have planned and because my students have been using these throughout the year, they have a great grasp on how to complete the task and what my expectations are.  That makes this a VERY independent activity . . . my favorite kind!


Because Maria has chosen simple, repetitive text and visuals that help with decoding, my students always feel successful when they use her readers.  I’ll be using this ‘I Want To Play Winter Sports’ version in a couple of weeks when we get closer to the Olympics.  But because ‘want’ is one of my own kinder’s Volleyball words that he’s practicing, this is the one he chose to do today. 


For my class, these little readers  are especially helpful in giving my fine motor-challenged students this year some extra practice with cutting, gluing and coloring. 


(By the way, did you know its always easier to cut with your tongue sticking out . . . I think it might be a scientific fact.)


But let’s face it, students, don’t really care that they meet the needs of kinesthetic learners or that they are fabulous practice for students who are ready to read, they just think it’s FUN!!!!


As a teacher, they are super simple to prep and use.   Print, staple (or if you have the capability, print AND staple at the same time like I do) print the letter sheets, cut in half and hand to your students.  All you students need are scissors, a glue stick and something to use for coloring.


I add the extra task of having students read the book to a friend and having their friend sign the back of the book. 


Parents love having something to read with their children, and your students will feel a great sense of accomplishment being able to read to their parents.  The repetitive nature of creating the focus word does a great job of reinforcing and cementing the word into their little brains. 


And the best part about these books for me is that I get to give one of these bundles–100 books in all–away to one lucky person.  


All you have to do is enter below for your chance to win between now and Monday-10pm Eastern.
BUT WAIT . . .  We’re NOT done!  


You want to hear the second best news of the day . . . shhhhh . . . I have it on good authority, that Maria is having a giveaway too.  And it might just be that she is giving away her favorite Word Work Bundle.   Just click on the picture below and it will take you to her giveaway.


BAM!!! It’s that simple.  So hurry on over to Maria’s blog and enter to win.  Together, these Bundles are worth over $100.00 and will carry you through weeks and weeks of instruction.

 . . . these are a few of my favorite things . . .” and now they can be yours too!


Marsha Moffit McGuire

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