Red, White, and Blue Ten-Frame Freebie

What do you do when you find a plethora of ‘good stuff’ like these amazing red, white, and blue treasures?  Well, you whip up a fun, self-correcting, and differentiated ten-frame freebie of course.

Even though many of us are on summer break, I figured I would take advantage of all the great red, white and blue goodies out there and make a little ten-frame freebie that you could use now with your own kiddos at home, at summer school if you are teaching or save it for another time during the year . . . President’s Day . . . Memorial Day . . . or whenever.

And for goodness sake, don’t fret if you don’t have these super cute ice trays or the acrylic stars. You can use the playing mat in this freebie for the ten frames and then grab up some red, white, and blue pompoms, star buttons, or beads.  Get creative!  Add a set of ‘cheater chopsticks’ or tongs to add some difficulty and give your little ones more fine motor practice.

How It Works

There are two different levels to this activity.  One is a simple number activity.  Students read the number and represent the number by using tongs to place objects in the ten frame (or ice tray).

Once they have built the number, they open the self-correcting card to see if the answer is correct.  That’s independent goodness with instant feedback, folks!

The other option is a ‘how many more to make ten’ activity.  Students use tongs to build the number in a ten frame, and then they count the empty spots to determine how many more they need to make ten.

They complete the equation at the bottom of the page and then open the card to determine if they have completed it correctly.

What You’ll Need:

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If You Like Activities Like These

This ten-frame freebie is very similar to the kinds of engaging and hands-on activities that you will find in my Morning Work Stations on TpT.  Check them out but clicking the picture below.  I have a set for each month of the year.

You can also find lots of other great self-correcting activities for math and word work in my TpT Store by clicking HERE or on the picture below to see more self-correcting activities.    The best part about these activities is that they give your students immediate feedback and they’re independent.  I encourage you to check them out.

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The best kind of hans-on math activity for early childhood classrooms is one that can give instant feedback like this self-correcting freebie. Use it for you own homeschool kiddos, for your summer school students or save it for math center fun around President's or Memorial Day.  (Or just use it anytime!) Don't worry if you don't have the ice cube trays or acrylic hearts! There are lots of ways to use this ten-frame activity.  It's even differentiated so it's perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten or First Grade. Enjoy.

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