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I Spy A Freebie For Fire Safety Month!

It’s Fire Safety month and that means there will be a whole lot of STOP-DROP-AND ROLL talk going on in kindergarten.  There is something so appealing about firefighters to small children.  I know that after our local fire team visits every year, there is all kinds of make believe talk on the playground and in dramatic play.  We write thank you notes to the firefighters, draw pictures  . . . You name it! They just can’t get enough of them.

It makes studying community helpers at this time of year perfect.  So, in order to fulfill my little ones love of all things fire safety, I put together this fun little differentiated I-Spy for letters and sounds.  

Because I understand how expensive color printing can be, I have been attempting to give you lots of color or black and white options.

This freebie is no exception.  I personally like to give them a color laminated copy to complete the first time in order to practice the skill.  (It’s differentiated with one tier just identifying and matching letters. )

But then you can give them a black and white copy to complete (There is also a tier for those students who need the extra challenge of beginning letter sound practice.)

So break out your magnifying glasses and get your printers warmed up.

Just click on the product picture above to get your copy and enjoy. Oh  . . . and if you run into one of your local firefighters, make sure you thank them for keeping all of us safe.

And if you’re looking for more community helper activities, check out my Community Helpers Math Stations Galore unit.


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