Back To School With Guess Who? Ashley from The Teacher’s Treasure Chest!

I hope you are all enjoying all these AMAZING bloggers who have stopped over to visit this week.  The fun continues today with Ashley form The Teacher’s Treasure Chest.  Please give her a warm welcome as she gets you ready for you literacy centers this fall.


Hey Guys! I’m Ashley from The Teacher’s Treasure Chest ! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my guest post!

I wanted to chat a bit about Back To School Literacy Prepartions!  I don’t know about you, but about one month before school starts, I like to go through my literacy plans and weed out what didn’t work. I like to think about why that certain item didn’t help my students. Or if it did help, what made it successful? For example, thinking back to my verrrrrry first year as a teacher, I used file folder games that I just downloaded from random places on the internet. Now, it got me through the year. But the biggest problem, was that I did not have enough stations for the particular skill I was teaching AND that the file folder games could be finished in a flash! This is why I became a TpT addict! Center packs can be purchased now with recording sheets! The centers also are engaging, and keep the students motivated to work their entire station time. The ole file folder games I used, lasted mmmmmmmmmmmmaybe five minutes! I put together a list of some of my FAVORITE Center packs to help you vamp up your guided reading program!

This packet focuses on  R Controlled Vowels . It’s a great resource to go ahead and get NOW because R Controlled Vowels is a skill we know that we will teach, and will need extra reinforcements. A lot of reading basals do not provide a lot of materials on R Controlled Vowels…so this is a great resource!

Cara Carroll’s Ready-Set-Learn-Back-To-School-Math-Literacy-Activities is a MUST! This packet is amazing for the beginning of the year! Cara ALWAYS produces amazing work and this one is NO different 🙂

Anna Brantley is another favorite seller of mine! I pretty much have every product in her store 🙂 One of my favorite’s is  her HOTS-Higher-Order-Reading-Response-Sheets ! Great for ALL year long!

Center packs that I LOVE  from Anna: Back-to-School-Math-and-Literacy-Center-Packet ,&  Applicious-Fun-Math-and-Literacy-Center-Packet

Another MUST HAVE!! This Guided-Reading-Resource-Kit-K-3! This kit contains assessments, tools, centers, signs, labels, printables, flash cards and MORE!!

Be sure to visit my post on Free Literacy Centers to prepare for next school year!

Happy Planning!!!

Make sure you check Ashley’s blog out and be back here tomorrow for another episode of . . . .
Back To School with Guess Who?

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