Did you hear about Mrs. Lirette? And get before it’s gone.

Did you hear about my blogging pal Mrs. Lirette from  Mrs. Lirette’s Learning Detectives?  She’s moving BACK to kindergarten and in celebration of the blessed event, she’s invited a slew of guest bloggers to blog exclusively about all things kindergarten over the next 15 days (starting to day).  You’ve got to stop over there and check out all the fun ideas. I know I’m super excited to find out who’ll be stopping by her blog (can you believe she’s keeping it a secret and won’t tell anyone) and I know there’s bound to be some great ideas for me to pick up for next year. (yep, I still have a week left of school and I’m already thinking about the fall). So,  click on the picture below to check it out. 

Also, thanks for all the great birthday wishes and for those of you that stopped by to follow my blog and become a Facebook Fan.  You have just the rest of today (Friday) to download my birthday freebie before it’s gone.  So click on the picture below to grab it from my facebook FAN FREEBIE tab.
So click on the picture above to grab this fun little freebie from my facebook FAN FREEBIE tab while it’s still available.

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