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Getting ready for Easter (a freebie) and A Peak at My Week

Here’s the five second rundown of my week.  Ready . . .

Leprechauns – Oh My!
Home sick from school with the crud-YUCK
Oldest son’s school talent show.  He was the MC.  I was a wreck! (He did great by the way!)
Getting ready for Easter fun.
H.S. Basketball team in State Semi-Finals – Even elementary kids are crazy excited.


Somewhere in the middle of that was three boys’ swim lessons, homework, laundry (and more laundry), dinners, breakfasts and packing cold lunches.  It not a pretty sight at my house . . . I still have leprechaun prints on my windows, floors and, yes, my toilet seat. 

But before I share my Leprechaun, Seamus’, shenanigans, I thought I’d share a little Spring/Easter fun that’s going on in my class. You can click on the pictures to get more information.

Bashful Bunnies is a differentiated Dolch sight word game that I created so that students could work at their own level of readiness.  Students work together to find the ‘bashful bunnies’ hidden behind the eggs. 

Despite the snow on the ground in Northern Michigan, math stations in my room are starting to have a springtime feel.  At this one, students work on either making ten, tally marks or graphing depending on their readiness level.  It’s all the same activity, just different skills.

I love finding new ways to use items.  You can grab these sweet egg plates from Walmart for $1.00 and download the freebie printables I have to play a fun math game for Easter.  Click on the picture to get the freebie.

Crazy Rabbits Addition and Subtraction I-spy is a favorite in my class, and because it’s not necessarily and Easter item, I’m gonna be using it for a while.  Plus my kinders love those crazy rabbits.

This game actually comes with jellybean printables but I wanted to make it more ‘fun’ for my kinders so I painted some lima beans to make this decomposing number game a bit more engaging.  You could use those colored fish tank stones, buttons or real jellybeans if you prefer or just stick to the printable version.

I have a group of students that no longer need pictures or manipulatives for addition and subtraction.  So to give them a bit more challenge, I have this write the room with the number sentence only.  Students still have a number line on their recording sheet to help them if they need it. There is the one above for subtraction or another one for addition.

These sweet little pinwheels where calling for me to make them into a math game.  Students spin the wheel, record the number sentence and then figure out the answer.  My kinesthetic learners are especially fond of this one.

For my kinders still working on counting and addition and subtraction with manipulatives, these are the write the room cards and recording sheets I’m using in my math stations.  Again this is more spring themed so I can use it after the holiday if I need to.

And for a recap on Seamus, our friendly leprechaun’s, shenanigans . . . take a gander at the mayhem.

Can you believe this little leprechaun trap?  It even had it’s own little treasure chest of gold just to intice the leprechaun into the trap.

That crazy Seamus even messed up our word wall!

I just so know I haven’t been slacking all week.  Here’s a peek at my latest write the room for word work packet.  I got such great response from adding a ‘complete the sentence’ option that I put it in this one as well.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.

I’ll leave you with my most favorite Irish blessing  . . . Hoping your week was as wild and whooly as mine.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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