I’m at Mrs. Miner’s Monkeys! Check me out and get your addition write the room freebie!

BIG!!!! BIG NEWS!!! First of all, if you haven’t been over to my facebook page for your two new  FAN FREEBIES, get there today.  After today, they won’t be available and I want to make sure everyone gets the chance to snatch them up.

Secondly . . .

I’m hanging out with monkeys at Mrs. Miner’s blog spot today.  Please come over and check it out.  It’s my FIRST ever guest blogging gig and I have to say, I’m a little nervous to be stepping into some big blogging shoes. 

And of course I will make it worth your while because not only am I talking to you about tiering your instruction, but I also went ahead and got you started by giving all her readers (and mine) an addition write the room freebie.

And FINALLY . . . I will no longer be contributing to Classroom Freebies Too because . . . (drumroll please . . .), I’ve been ‘moved up’ to the original Classroom Freebies site.  So now you can find me there.  Don’t forget there are still TONS of great freebies to be found on CF2 so make sure you don’t stop visiting.

Ok so anyway,  hurry up and swing on over to Mrs. Miner’s Monkeys. And make sure you stop back by to let me know how I did!

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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