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It’s never pretty, but it’s always fun…

I can guarantee you when you come to my blog that it will never be one of those blogs with beautiful pictures  . . . just the right lighting and clean, well-dressed children.  I’m not saying I wish it could be that way . . . I do!  I love those clean, fresh looking blogs.  I envy the perfection of those pictures . . . But let’s face it . . . The odds are pretty much against me.  So while it’s not always very pretty. . . I will tell you this much . . . it’s always fun . . . kind of like today!
So, of course,  I needed to get my clothes pins dyed in anticipation for school and all those self-correcting centers that I use in my classroom.  I use A LOT of clothes pins, and I’ve been dying clothes pins for years, so this is just an annual tradition of sorts.   And, wouldn’t you know, I had three little helpers just itching to pitch in and lend a hand.
What the heck?  How bad could it get, right?
They actually did a great job helping me out.  Only a little dye on their hands and their clothes were spotless.   Woohoo!!!
But then someone (ok it was me) got the great idea to make bubble snake makers today.  I figured my hands were stained all ready, why not.  My nine year old cut the water bottle bottoms off, slide on some old socks and a rubber band and . . . Ta-Da . . . we were in the bubble business.
We started out with just your basic bubbles, but you know, everything’s better with food coloring, so we added .  .  . a little.
I forgot how much fun these little bubble makers could be.
Fun if you’re 5.  (Make sure you’re wearing your best beads for the event.)
Fun if you’re 7.  (By the way, bubble snakes are always more fun when wearing your crocodile hat.)
Fun if you’re 9.  
All and all, a successful diversion from our clothes pin dying job.
And the clothes pins?
I think we did pretty well . . . considering.

Marsha Moffit McGuire

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