Keep Them In Line and Sitting Pretty With A Giveaway From Sit Spots

I had a MAJOR problem when I got into my classroom this summer.  You see, my classroom is very small, and with 25 kids, there isn’t a way to have one long line when lining up to go to specials or the end or the day or whenever.  You know?  So, I always had to have two lines at my door.  But, of course, for kinders this is not such an easy thing.  They don’t get it.  Two lines?  How far apart?  Where do we put our feet?  You get what I’m talking about right?  So I always always always had two strips of duct tape on my carpet to show where they should stand.  At the end of each year, I just instructed the janitor NOT to take it up and that I would put a new strip right over the top of the old one in the fall and it would look good as new.
Well I forgot to get with the janitor this year before I left and this is what I found when I came into my room. 

They had worked so hard getting the tape up. 
But it left a dark sticky strip on the carpet (and I mean sticky!), and, in places, the threads of the carpet where actually starting to unravel!  Ugghhh…. Totally my fault!  Yes it’s old carpet, but I really didn’t need to help it along to an early burial with my duct tape fiasco.
I really didn’t know what I was going to do, but then I remembered being at I Teach K in Vegas.  Our Freebielicious Booth (I loved meeting all you guys there by the way! ) was very near the Sit Spot folks, and I wondered if they might have something to help me out.  So I contacted Joyce at Sit Spots, and gave them a small run down of my problem.  
I knew that Sit Spots had ‘spots’ of course, but I was wondering if they might not also have strips that I could put down in place of my horrible duct tape.  Guess what?  They do and it worked out perfectly.  
Look at the difference. 
Since I was getting the tape anyway, I decided to try out some of the spots for my kids when we started practicing ‘read to self.’ 
Now, I like to give my kids lots of choices about how, where and what they read, but let’s face it, kindergarteners don’t always make the best choices.  So I placed the spots around my classroom in places that I thought would be good choices, and I gave my kinders many opportunities in those first weeks of practicing ‘read to self’ to try out the different spots. 
Eventually, they found spots that they liked over others, and they tend to seek out those spots.  But the nice thing is, it’s a choice for them but one I’m happy with as well.  It’s been a win-win for all of us.

These little ‘spots’ and my colorful ‘lines’ have been such a great addition to my room this year.  I absolutely love how durable they are, how easily I can move them, and how they can be thrown into the washer for a quick sprucing up.  I’m so excited about Sit Spots and how they helped me out with my predicament that I just knew I had to share their awesome products with you.  
Oh, and heads up . . . Joyce just told me that they also now have ten frame strips for your carpet as well.  Who doesn’t love kinesthetic math?  I do!
I know you’re dying to try some of these out for yourself?   Well here’s some great news I have for you.  Sit Spots is giving away a $50 gift certificate so you can equip your own classroom with their amazing products, too.
All you have to do is check out their products HERE and enter below:

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I can’t wait to hear what you’d do with your Sit Spots!


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