Best Kind of Black Friday Sale Let’s You Stay In Your PJs

I’m not a Black Friday Sales girl!  I’m not fond of those crazy big crowds, noise and  . . . stress.   It’s just too too too much.  I just keep thinking to myself . . . “PLEASE .  . . Just give me the sales price.  Don’t make me stand in line.  Don’t make me get up early or leave my bed.  Just give me the sale!”  
So on Friday, November 29th, you can have 20% off every single product!
(But just in case you want to wait until Monday or Tuesday, you CAN save 28% off of everything in my store, because Teachers Pay Teachers in having their HUGE Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale!  On those two days, everything on my sale will be on sale for 20% PLUS TpT is offering an additional 10% off, which actually come to a total savings of 28%!!!!)


The bottom line is, you can shop Friday and get everything you need right away for 20%, or you can shop on Monday and Tuesday and save 28%.  The choice is up to you!!! 
So on Friday, I won’t make you get out of bed, no crazy lines, no outrageous crowds . . .  I promise!  You can just have the sale price.
So take your time and shop anytime Friday.  Stay in your pajamas, if you like.  I won’t tell.  
Is the older stuff on sale?
Are the Word Work Bundles on sale?
And what about the sensory table bundle?
Yep that too.
And the brand new December Spinner Pack?
Math Stations Bundle for Winter?


It’s ALL on sale…everything!  Just CLICK HERE,  head on over to my store, and check it out.  
As for me, I’m still in my PJs and filling my cart in anticipation, and I’m wishing you a Happy (Pajama Filled) Thanksgiving!


Marsha Moffit McGuire

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