Learning Resources Is Giving It Away! Check out the MeCorder

It’s a great day whenever I get a sweet package from the folks at Learning Resources.  I love that they just ‘get’ that kids learn in different ways and that we need to give them different kinds of tools to meet their goals.   Their latest product, the MeCorder, is no exception.  Want to find out more about the specifics of this fabulous tool?  Check out the specs HERE.

I immediately knew when I got my hands on this little device that I was going to be directly meeting the needs of my visual and auditory learners but I suspected that almost all of my kinders would LOVE it. I was right.

This small, lightweight video record is perfect for students who need to have visual instructions for activities and centers (or just need to hear the instructions more than once).  It was easy enough to operate that I some used it to practice their sight word fluency and play it back to hear how it sounded and others used it for poetry to recite poems we had already learned in class.  It added a new sense of fun and excitement to otherwise pretty mundane activities.

This little device holds a myriad of potential uses in your classroom (and I can guarantee you my own boys loved sending secret video messages back and forth to each other from one snow day basement fort to the other. I think that tells you how easy it is to use.

Special features that I loved was it’s small size and the magnet on the back.  I just find that so ingenious.  As a teacher with very little storage space, I can slap this on my metal cabinet and students (and I) will always know where to find it.  Additionally, anything that doesn’t require batteries, is ok by me.  You just hook it up to your computer to charge it and away you go.

So I bet you’re wondering how you can get one of these little wonders for yourself right?  Of course, you can get all the details and pick one of your own up from Learning Resources.  Or you can try enter to win one right here!  (I love that the good people at Learning Resources let me share these goodies with you.)

It’s a pretty easy entry so make sure you get your entry in. You have until the 10th and then I’ll select the lucky winner!

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 I’d love to hear how you would use this item in your own classroom.  So drop me a line.

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