Tying Up Some Loose Ends

I know it’s been a week since I posted, but I have been madly attempting to complete the fifth unit in my Word Families Galore Bundles.  It’s finally done!

At the same time, I am getting ready to ramp up for the beginning of school in less than a month-ish.

That means I’m needing to do a bit of shopping…

Aren’t these the cutest aprons ever.  I had to get two they were so darling.  I purchased them from my pal Hadar over at Miss Kindergarten.  You can click on the picture to see all the cute patterns she has to offer.  My 7 year old was happy to model for me after soccer camp this morning.

…and a little prep work for my classroom.

My tiny little room is in need of storage so I went to Home Depot and purchased some unfinished cupboards that are going to be placed in my room.  I am desperate for storage and this should help.

…and a little prep work for lessons.

I had my 81 year old mother  come over today to help me do some laminating.  But . . .

something more important came up . . . .  My sister-in-law says ‘God knows when we need a nap, and it’s always better to nap together.’

(Yes, he’s five and still takes naps . . . and does it in style with his pink beads and everything. )

Eventually, we did get a big dent in the laminating done, and  I so appreciate the helping hand.    Now I am well stocked for all those visitors that always offer to ‘give me a hand’ or those strangers at ball games that ‘wished I had an extra pair of scissors’ because they would just ‘love to help me cut out stuff for school.’  By the way, I always have extra scissors with me.

We teachers do what we have to do to get it done, don’t we?

Ok, make sure you stop by tomorrow because I’m going to answer some of your questions regarding Math Stations.  I want to show you how I tier by color and keep all the tiers organized within the stations.  It will all become crystal clear.  I promise.

And if you missed the unveiling of Short U Word Families Word Work Galore…here’s a peak.  All the short vowel packs are finally available.  Whew!

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