My favorite things linky and a giveaway all in one place!

Mary, over at Sharing Kindergarten, is hosting not just one, but TWO fun events that you’re not going to want to miss out on.

The first is her HUGE giveaway in honor of reaching 500 blog followers.  It’s a big one you are NOT going to want to miss out on. There are some products up for grabs, including her Daily 5 Starter Pack that I could really use.  You HAVE to check it out.  It’s an easy sign up and you won’t be disappointed.

The other event she’s hosting is a  My Favorite Things Linky Party.  I couldn’t resist.  I just had to go ahead and join in the fun.  So here’s a few of my own favorites . . .

School Related Favorites

Yes!  I love these little machines so much I have one for home and one for school. They’re inexpensive (under $30), and I even was able to pick one up for $2.99 at the Goodwill.  Score!

I’ve read them all but this is an easy read and nice reference book to keep me on track. Carol Ann Tomlinson is the Differentiated Instruction guru. 

Silhouette Cutting Machine.  I label everything in my room with this thing, vinyl and chalkboard vinyl.

No explanation needed.

Other stuff I love . . .

Arnold Palmer (I like the lite the best but drink the diet ’cause I don’t need the added calories.)

This is my daily lunch choice at school.
knock, knock, knock, Penny, knock, knock, knock, Penny, knock, knock, knock, Penny . . .

Who needs chocolate and sweets when you can eat a whole bag of chips?  Any flavor!  Anytime!

Flip Flops!!!!

Wings . . . yum!

Maroon 5

. . . and lots of other things that I’ll share some other time.  What are you’re favorite things? Hop on over to Mary’s blog and link up to join the fun.

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