Ball Words Sight Word Mastery System-EDITABLE Golf Ball Words
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NOW EASILY EDITABLE! (Revised 6/2017)
Have your own list of sight words? No problem. These activities can now be edited! Simply type in your list once, and all the cards and activities are automatically populated.

Please note, these sets have not be updated with the Adobe Editable updates. They are still editable, but not with the latest updates that you see in the first sets. Updates will be coming as I get them completed.

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Core State Standards:
RF.K.3.c: Read common high frequency words by sight.
RF.1.3.g: Recognize and read grade appropriate irregularly spelled words.
RF.2.3.f: Recognize and read grade appropriate irregularly spelled words.

Look at all the activities you get in this sixth set:
This is the sixth of 11 sets of ball words (GOLF BALL WORDS) used in my class to help students in my classroom master their sight word lists. Each list is placed on a different type of sports ‘ball.’ Students work their way through each set of ball words by using the activities found here. Once mastered, they receive an official ‘ball champ’ certificate and the next list of ball words to start mastering. It is up to you how and if you reward your students when they master each new list. If you would like, I do have a set of FREE brag tags on my blog that you can use as an incentive. In my classroom, they get their name placed on the BALL CHAMP poster for each level and receive a small token from my treasure box for their hard work.
I love this system because I never have to beg my students to practice their ball words. It is an activity that is chosen above all others if there is free time.

In this first set you will find:
Editable Ball Cards For Making Word Rings-Students use these cards on a ring to practice during reading, rest or free activity time. Make 4-5 sets so that there are plenty available.
*NEW TO THIS VERSION* Black and White Version of The Larger Editable Ball Cards for Making Word Rings.
*Editable Ball Cards to be used for your word wall-As the class masters this list of words, they are added to our word wall so that students can reference words they know when writing and so they are readily available for frequent review.
*Editable Ball Cards to be used for golf ball slap-Lay the balls on the table or floor, a teacher or volunteer calls out a golf ball word and students race to cover it with a flyswatter or by tossing a bean bag on it.
*Editable Ball cards for use in Tee It Up Game
*NEW TO THIS VERSION* Editable Dough Cards
*Editable Ball cards for use in Hole In One
*Editable Ball cards to be used for Golf Ball Memory-This can be played on a table or in a small Target Dollar Bin pocket chart.
*Editable Small golf ball word cards for use in Ball Words In A Bottle with recording sheet.-Students move the bottle around to ‘spy’ golf ball words and record the ones they see.
*An Editable Golf Ball I-Spy with recording sheet-Students search for words. When they find them, they write them on the recording sheet and read them to a partner.
*Editable Golf Ball Champ Certificate-Print, complete, laminate and present to your students as they pass their golf ball word list.
*Editable Take home list of golf ball words.- Send this home for student to work on with parents.
*Progress monitor sheet to track when students pass each level of ball words.
*New Personalized Baseballs that are automatically populated as progress monitoring sheet is input. Can be used for data walls or to post as students master word lists.
*NEW TO THIS VERSION* Larger Golf Ball Champ Poster
*NEW by request: Golf Ball Champ Mini posters for use as part of your data wall. Students can progress ‘clips’ from one poster to the next as they master word lists.

Please note: making a product editable does have it’s limitations. This packet will not accommodate words that are longer than 8 letters long. If you need to have an editable version for words of that length, please contact me and I can secure the Powerpoint Editable Version of this packet for this pack.

Please note: this is just one of 11 similar units for studying and mastering Dolch words or any sight word list.

Ball Words and Bundles

Check out this blog post to learn more about this system:
Finding Sight Word Mastery Success with Ball Words

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