Ball Words Sight Word Mastery System-The Complete Editable Bundle
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Editable Sight Word Mastery System!!

With the NEW Editable PDF version of Ball Words, you enter your list once and it automatically populates all the activities. This editable packet is appropriate for words 6-8 letters long. However, if you need more freedom in creating longer words, I have also included the original, editable Powerpoint file. While a bit more work, that option will allow you to edit the size of the font.

This product is classroom tested and used each year by my students. In my classroom this year alone, I had 18 students master 220 words fluently by the end of the year using this system. Students are excited and engaged while learning to master their sight words.

Part of an 11 unit mastery system (plus Top Bananas for Letter Mastery) and aligned to the Common Core Standards, these units are bundled together and represent work, activities and items to help you students master 220 Dolch Words or, because these sets are EDITABLE, whatever words you choose to add. These sets are available individually in my store and you can check out their individual previews there.

There are also small bundles of three units each if you prefer.
Here are the packets included:
Top Bananas
Baseball Words
Soccer Words
Basketball Words
Football Words
Volleyball Words
Golf Ball Words
Tennis Ball Words
Bowling Ball Words
Pingpong Ball Words
Hockey Puck Words
Beach Ball Words

To see the individual packets included in this bundle, please Click here to see Ball Words and Bundles

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