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Great for Legos!!!!

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Using building blocks (or Legos) to create images and designs not only promotes fine motor skills in your students, but it is also a valuable tool that helps develop creativity, planning skills, problem solving and mathematical thinking. In my own classroom, this station activity is part of my morning work. Students are given a task card with a picture to use as a guide, but if the design does not turn out exactly as the picture or if they use different colors, it’s still ok. Valuable skills are still being utilized. My students love this activity and are completely engaged with each challenge. Every month they anxiously await my next set of cards to see if they can build the new designs.

You can simply place the task cards in a drawer of building blocks, or hole punch them and place them on a ring. It’s up to you.

Task Cards included in this SPRING themed set:


leprechaun #1

leprechaun #2

pot of gold

pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

egg #1

egg #2




rain cloud


umbrella and rain

rainbow, clouds and sun

kite #1

kite #2

watering can



recycling bin

apple core

light bulb





chili pepper

nachos and chips

sugar skull

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