Morning Work Tubs – Getting Started With Morning Work Stations
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Whether you call them Morning Work Tubs or Morning Work Bins or Morning Work Stations . . . engaging morning work can be the difference between loving arrival time and dreading it.
⭐⭐If you’d like to see a detailed account of how I implement Morning Work Tubs, what is included in each set and the materials used, check out my Morning Work Stations page for all the details HERE.
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Morning Work Tubs accomplish two very important things in my classroom. They keep my students engaged in a meaningful activity while I take attendance, talk with parents and greet students as they wander in from breakfast, a late bus or a late start to their morning. Additionally, Morning Work Tubs give me an opportunity to work in those important fine motor and sensory activities that are disappearing from our students’ curriculum due to lack of time in our day. I can’t say enough good things about them. And if you start them correctly at the beginning of the year, each month you can build on skills and add other academic components that extend and differentiate so that your students continue to be engaged and challenged. If it sounds like something you would like to try, I think I can help you out. Everything you need to get started with morning work stations is right here.

I’ve been using and blogging about Morning Work Tubs for several years now and after presenting and speaking to teachers throughout the states this past summer, I have put together a packet of materials that will guide you through setting-up, introducing and getting started with morning stations in your own classroom. These first stations will be a platform that will introduce your students to tools and activities that you can build on, extend and differentiate in the coming months.

This packet includes step by step instructions on how to set up stations, organize and introduce them to your students. Because teachers have told me they needed more than just 10 or 12 stations to get them through a month, I have 34 ‘I Can’ activity sheets in this pack. These ‘I Can’ sheets also indicate the standard or skill that the activity addresses. You can choose the activities that fit your classroom best to use in your stations.

Because these stations will be used at the beginning of the year, I have also added some EDITABLE name activities that I think your students will LOVE. It’s so easy. Just enter your students’ names and the activities are automatically populated.

‘I Can’ sheet with activities in action include:

Cutting paper with fancy scissors

Cutting straws with scissors

Cutting on the lines

Linking links together

Measuring with links

Using links to link letters in your name

Use links to link numbers in order

Use links to link together letters in order

Use hole punch to make holes in paper

Use hole punches to represent a number

Use hole punch to punch out letters that do not match beginning sounds

Use dough to make letters

Use dough to make letters in my name

Use extruder to squeeze dough and cut with scissors

Match nuts and bolts by twisting them together

Connect pop beads

Connect pop beads to measure objects

Connect pop beads to make a pattern

Use push pin to follow the dotted lines to make letters in my name

Find the objects hidden in therapy putty

Find objects hidden in putty and sort them by shape

Find objects hidden in putty and sort by color

Roll the dice and use tongs to move frogs to the lily pad

Use tongs to sort pompoms by color

Use tongs to make the letters on the letter mat

Use tongs to move erasers to make letters in your name

Use a cotton swab to trace the letters in my name

Use stickers to make the letters in your name

Sort gel beads by color

Scoop, sort and connect blocks to matching base color

Use plastic tool to make designs on paper

Roll the dice and squeeze the monster to feed him

Of course, you will need some storage items to set up your stations and a few miscellaneous activity items because these stations are very ‘hands on.’ Most of these items you probably have already in your classroom, but in case you do not, there is a materials list included with the instructions in this packet.

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