Gobbling Up Missing Numbers I-Spy : Differentiated and Aligned
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This activity meets Common Core Standard:

K.CC.2 Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence (instead of having to begin at 1)

This unit is differentiated to meet the readiness levels of your various learners. You can be certain to engage all your students without frustrating students still mastering the skill or boring those students who are ready to be challenged a bit more.
In this unit, students use magnifying glasses to find 10 random sets of numbers that address the following skills:
0-10 what comes after I -spy
0-15 what comes after I -spy
0-20 what comes after I-spy

0-10 what comes before I-spy
0-15 what comes before I-spy
0-20 what comes before I-spy

0-10 what comes between I-spy
0-15 what comes between I-spy
0-20 what comes between I- spy

Once they find the set of numbers, they write the numbers found on the lines and the missing number in the box on the recording sheets. There are two options for recording sheets, with or without a number line for added scaffolding.
(There is also a choice of colored or black and white recording sheets from which to choose.)

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