Morning Work Stations – Summer
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Whether you call them Morning Work Tubs or Morning Work Bins or Morning Work Stations . . . engaging morning work can be the difference between loving arrival time and dreading it.
⭐⭐If you’d like to see a detailed account of how I implement Morning Work Tubs, what is included in each set and the materials used, check out my Morning Work Stations page for all the details HERE.
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This packet is actually the 11th in a series. In my Back To School Morning Work set, I give you everything you need to organize, set up and label your morning work along with activities to get you started and lay the groundwork for future sets like this one.

This set includes 43 activities for the month of Summer, including ‘I Can’ cards for each one. These ‘I Can’ sheets also indicate the standard or skill that the activity addresses. You can choose the activities that fit your classroom best to use in your stations.

1. Fun at the Beach EDITABLE Sight Word Links

2. Fun at the Beach CVC Self-Correcting

3. Fun at the Beach Links Numbers and Quantities

4. Fishy Fishy Sand Tray EDITABLE Sight Words Trays

5. Melon Playdoh Counting Math Mats

6. Melon Playdoh Ten Frame

7. Melon Playdoh How Many More To Make Ten

8. Playdoh Fill the Fish Tank, Set the Table, Build a Cone

9. Summer Fun Playdoh Items (Ice cream, watermelon, sun, sunglasses, sand castle, lemonade)

10. Summer Fun Q-tip Painting (beach ball, sun, bucket/shovel, flip flop, sunglasses)

11. Star Spangled Sort and Count Items

12. Star Spangled Color Find and Sort

13. Star Spangled Color Sort, Graph and Count

14. Count Your Ice Cubes

15. One More Ice Cube

16. One Less Ice Cube

17. Under The Sea for Numbers Spin To Win

18. Counting On Ants

19. Counting Back Ants

20. She Sells Sea Shells Missing Addend Self-Correcting Fun

21. Summer Fun Sticker Count (ice cream cone, fish, sand bucket, star)

22. Star Spangled Addition Printable Book

23. Summer Yummy Gel Bead Sort

24. Summer Yummy Gel Bead Roll and Win

25. Garden Lego Challenge: ice cream, fish, sun

26. Star Spangled Constructing Letters and EDITABLE Sight Words

27. Star Spangled Container Count (or Add)

28. Fishy Container Count

29. Fishy Container Addition

30. Seashell Blooming Lowercase/Capital Matching Puzzles

31. Seashell Letter Sounds Matching Puzzles

32. Seashell CVC Words Matching Puzzles

33. Seashell Digraph Word Match Puzzles

34. Fishy Patterns Self-correcting

35. Under The Sea Letter Match Up

36. Under The Sea Word Match Up

37. Feed Your Fish Math

38. Sea Shell Addition Self-correcting Cards

39. Sea Shell Subtraction Self-correcting Cards

40. Ice Cream and Popsicle Addition to 10 Self-Correcting Cards and Mat

41. Fish Bowl I Spy Editable Sight Words and Record

42. Star Spangled Straw Cut Up and Necklaces

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