See-Bead-Write: Differentiated Self-Correcting Common Core Letter Fun
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This differentiated, self-correcting alphabetic principle activity is tiered to meet the various readiness levels of your learners. It also allows you to differentiate instruction in response to those learners in your class who need extra fine-motor practice or who enjoy kinesthetic activities.

It addresses Common Core State Standards:
RF.K.1.d: Recognize and name all upper-and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

These activities allow students to find the missing letter in a sequence of letters shown. There are 6 different sets of cards for a total of nearly 140 playing cards. This number of cards should allow you to tier this center according to your students’ various readiness levels. Some students may only be able to work with a few of the letters that have been covered so far in class or those in their name. In addition to a vast number of playing cards, there are also three different playing mats. One includes a capital letter alphabet on the bottom for those students who need that reference piece. There is another mat with the lowercase alphabet on the bottom and then there is a mat with no alphabet on the bottom for those students who are ready to be challenged a bit more. By assessing your students ahead of time, you will be able to determine whether they should be working on just lowercase or capital letters or a mixture of both. Select 20-30 cards for each tier of students who will be working with this activity. Any more than that number may be too overwhelming. Have students select a card from their tier, place it on their playing mat, say the letters and determine the missing letter, find the beads to complete the entire sequence, write the three letters and then remove the clothes pin and open the playing card to see if they are correct. This activity can be used as an independent station or students may work together to see who can complete the task on a card first. The student who completes it first would get to keep the card. When all the cards are used, the one with the most cards would be awarded the title of Alphabet Wizard for that game.

Teachers: Copy off all materials and laminate. Cut apart the game cards and fold on the dotted line. Secure the flap with a paperclip or clothes pin. You will need a set of letter beads for this activity.

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