Segment-Park-Write – Differentiated Segmenting Fun To Meet Common Core
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This differentiated, self-correcting segmenting activity is tiered to meet the various readiness levels of your learners. It also allows you to differentiate instruction in response to those learners in your class who have a great interest in cars. There are 27 CVC activity cards and 20 CCVC/CVCC activity cards in all.

It addresses Common Core State Standard:
RF.K.2.d Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel and final sounds (phonemes) in three phoneme (CVC) words.

This is a tiered activity. The first tier is represented by those cards with a green outline. With these cards, students demonstrate segmenting CVC words, match the sounds with the letter car cards (or toy cars with letters written on them) and then write the sounds. The second tier is represented by the cards outlined in blue. With these cards, students who have mastered CVC segmenting and letter identification will now work on CVCC/CCVC words. Students essentially complete the same task, but at a level that is appropriately challenging to their level of readiness.

Teachers: Copy off all materials (you will want a couple of sets of the car cards to be sure you have enough letters) and laminate. Cut apart the game cards and fold on the dotted line. Secure the flap with a paperclip or clothes pin. You may either utilize the cards included with this set or you can use real toy cars with letters printed on top for an even more engaging activity.

Students pick a card and place it at the top of their Segment-Park-Write mat. They will say the word that represents the picture, segment the sounds, identify the letters that make those sounds by placing them in the and then write the correct sounds to make the word on the line below. Once completed, they remove the clothespin to see if their answer is correct. When they are done, they replace the clothespin and choose another card .

There is a companion piece that goes with this activity which you can find in my store called Read-Park-Write. If you enjoy this activity, please check it out.

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