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I put this packet together specifically for those teachers who have contacted me wanting to use these posters as part of word family review in their classrooms. There are no activities or printables other than the posters and the small poster pieces for 22 word families included in this unit. This packet includes ONLY the poster portion of my entire word families word work galore units. All five short vowel units’ posters are included in this packet.
There are two options for classroom posters. You can choose to have a full size word family picture or the half page size to use with the long thin word cards that follow and mount them with painters tape (I like the Frog Tape brand the best) or Velcro.
The following word families are represented: ~at, ~am, ~ap, ~an, ~ag, ~ad, ~ip, ~ig, ~it, ~in, ~et, ~ed, ~en, ~ut, ~un, ~ug, ~ub, ~um, ~ob, ~og, ~ot, and ~op.

If you’d like to see the Word Family Galore Units in their entirety, please click on the link below. They are full of activities and printables for introducing and mastering word families.

Word Families Word Work Galore

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